Revolutionizing access control for thousands of customers. And we’ve just begun.


Isonas has over 50,000+ readers for organizations worldwide—from education and healthcare institutions, to state and local governments, to Fortune 500 companies. 

Hammeke Electric has trained and certified Isonas installers.  We also have highly trained network staff to help you layout a network and find the best solution for your access control needs.   

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Working to deliver solutions across the needs of companies.


 We work with a broad spectrum of companies to deliver customized solutions that provide secure access to buildings 24/7/365. From one to multiple locations, our system easily integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, enabling Human Resource teams to mange the credentials of all employees, or designate specific departments with the ability to do so themselves. 

Delivering a healthy dose of advanced safety and security.


 From facility access to internal access, medical cabinets in hospitals to medical cabinets aboard ambulances, labs with large campuses to remote buildings, our access control solutions pay for themselves quickly by preventing medical administration errors and reducing risk. Regardless of your needs, we work with varying schedules and have the capacity to allow permissions for many different groups. 

Bringing greater intelligence to every aspect of access control.


 From perimeter entry doors to classroom facilities, local school districts to universities, the United States to the United Kingdom.  Access Control Systems have enabled thousands of educational organizations to implement customized, cost saving solutions to deliver on their access control needs. We are committed to protecting students, faculty and staff with a proven technology that delivers unparalleled confidence—whether your institution serves hundreds or tens of thousands.