Driver Behavior

Improving driver behavior leads to fewer accidents, which leads to lower insurance premiums and better safety for everyone involved. Create custom rules to focus on driver behaviors that matter most to your organization. Coach drivers using detailed reports identifying critical areas of improvement, including idle time, speeding, and harsh acceleration and braking.


Dashboards & Reports

Use a phone or computer to view customized dashboards, populate reports such as location, fuel, behavior, and maintenance. Give your team the data they need, when they need it.


Timeline Replay & Geofences

Set up driver and location parameters using geofences to alert you of potential vehicle theft or misuse. Timeline replay ensures you’re right when you need it most.


Real-Time Alerts

Speed, Maintenance, Location, Ignition Status. HE platform allows you to designate who receives them and at what frequency so notifications are necessary, not a nuisance.



Vehicle maintenance is a necessary evil when it comes to running a fleet business. Our diagnostic devices offer a smart, customized option for handling data so you can plan for repairs and avoid costly breakdowns.


Software Features

HE software comes with a simple user interface and a host of package options so all fleet providers can confidently track, monitor and improve their fleet management processes, regardless of size. Get ahead of your fleet business:

Track and Locate Trucks and Trailers
Improve Driver Behavior
Reduce Asset Idle Days
Reduce Engine Idling
Smarter Route Planning
Limit Unauthorized Use
Improve Fleet Maintenance
Go Paperless